Prakash UPVC Column Pipe

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  • Water rising for submersible and jet pump for irrigation, Domestic, Industrial mining, Chemical distribution.
  • A wise replacement for MS, PPR, ERW, GI, HDPE and SS Column Pipes.
  • UPVC is nearly inert towards corrosion, chemical reaction and erosion due to which, it is ideally used in salty, sandy and chemically aggressive water without and effect over the years.


Vertical, Horizontal or Inclined installation up to 364 meters(Super heavy duty pipes)

Special Features and Identity

  • Surface finish of this pipe is extremely smooth which reduces the hydraulic friction losses and increase flow water.
  • Internal and External Square threaded spigot ends and rubber gasket for easy, reliable joining and pressure sealing.
  • Special square thread given quick & easy installation facility and having very high load bearing capacity.
  • Inside seal in 140g ring for turbulence free leak proof joint and prevents over tightening.
  • Step ring prevents leakages and control the vibration and over tightening.
  • Step ring prevents leakages and control the vibration and over tightening.
  • Inkjet printing & Hallmark to prevent duplication in market &ensures original genuine products.
  • Very smooth internal surface increases 10% to 30% Water & Reduces 10% to 20% Power consumption.
  • Provision of outer ring to prevent leakage and over tightening.
  • Extra-long coupler in Heavy & Super Heavy series for higher load pulling strength and maintenance free jointing system over period of time.

Salient Features

  • Corrosion Free & Insert to Alkaline and Non-Alkaline liquids
  • Very low friction losses (10 to 30% more water)
  • Cost Effective
  • Energy Saver
  • Long life (Min 50 years)
  • No Electrolytic Deposition
  • Non-Toxic
  • High tensile strength & Rigidity
  • Easy Installation & Handling
  • Manufacturing at computer numerical control machine (CNC)


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