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Sewage Cutter Pump

Sewage Cutter Pump

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Sewage Cutter Pump


  • Maximum immersion depth: 5m
  • Water temperature: Upto 40oC
  • Power supply: Single phase —220V ±10% / 50Hz;
  • The pH scope should be 4-10
  • Maximum density of Tran’s medium is 1.2x10³kg/m³.
  • Viscosity of trans medium is 7x10-7 — 23x10-6m²/s;



  • Scum pumping at waste water treatment plant
  • Municipal projects
  • Industrial packaged pump station
  • Home and domestic application (Special for kitchen)
  • Pumping agricultural manure (dairy and poultry)


Sewage cutter pump is design to handle large concentration of solids and/or tougher solids that conventional sewage pumps cannot handle. It provides clog-free operation by macerating those solids that might clog other types of submersible pumps.

Function & Feature: 

Submersible pump with cutter is an ideal machine for draining sewage. A high-speed rotating cutter is assembled at the inlet hole of the pump, make it easy to cut off long-fiber and firm sundries contained in the sewage, so as to avoid the impeller is blocked by the entanglement.
The protector in the motor can automatically cut off the power when it overheated or overloaded, thus guarantee the security and reliability of pump’s running even in the atrocious environment.

Model Power Inlet Outlet Head Flow Rate (LPM)
PSCP10-16-0.75F 1 0.75 2 32.808 10 275
PSCP10-24-1.5F 2 1.5 2.5 32.808 10 400

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