Prakash Domestic Centrifugal Booster Pump

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The Duty Standby Booster system is mainly use for pressure boosting and water transfer. The pressure booster system is a fully integrated package. There are many applications for different purposes and maintain constant pressure for many useful applications.


The Appropriate applications are as follow;

Hotels, Hospitals, High rise residential apartments, High rise commercial buildings, Shopping centers, Low rise buildings, Cold water Boosting, Rainwater harvesting, Municipal Water Supply, Dust Suppression, Agricultural systems, Dairy, Irrigation, Industrial Water Supply, Mining Civil Services.

Benefits & Ease of Use

The System consists of parallel pump set, pump controllers, and the necessary mechanical fittings. It is suitable for 2 or 3 pumps of any type and the unique electronic hydraulic control ensures each pump operates at its maximum performance level by allocating optimal power to each pump. The duty stands by and parallel pump sets has been specifically designed from the ground up based on feedback. The system is simple to use and parallel pumps running is maintain the same pressure at same flow.


Model Power Phase Inlet/Outlet Max. Flow(m³/h) Max.Head(m) Max. Suction(m)
Kw Hp
PCBSP-10 0.75 1 1 Phase 1″x1″ 6 35 8
PCBSP-15 1.5 1.5 1.25″x1″ 10 36
PCBSP-15A 1.1 1.5 2″x2″ 27 25
PCBSP-20A 1.5 2 2″x2″ 27 30
PCBSP-30A 2.2 3 3″x3″ 30 34
PCBSP-30 2.2 3 3″x3″ 78 19

Abbrevation : PCBSP : Prakash Centrifugal Booster System Single Phase

Not : Available in 3 Phase on demand



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